Coffee Table Finding Guide

One of the most crucial, yet frequently neglected, decorating decisions you’ll have to make is selecting a coffee table. Coffee tables are frequently placed in the center of a living area and provide a highly functional role. After all, where would we place our favorite drinks, decor magazines, remote controls, and iPhones if we didn’t have a coffee table?

The coffee table is undoubtedly the most distinctive feature in a living room. It usually houses the homeowners’ personal things and décor touches, which reflect their personality.

After choosing a sofa, I think choosing a coffee tables is the second most enjoyable element of creating a living space! There are so many unique coffee table styles to choose from, from marble to reclaimed wood, that it’s difficult to pick just one!

Here are some tips and suggestions for choosing the greatest coffee table for your living area!

How to Pick a Coffee Table

The size of the coffee table should match the size of the sofa. The coffee table you buy should be at least half the length of your sofa, but not longer than the sofa itself, as a general guideline. A three-quarters or two-thirds length of joyful midsize coffee table is ideal.

Give or take a few inches, the height of your coffee table should be roughly the same as the height of your sofa seat.

Coffee Tables Come in a Variety of Styles

So, what is the greatest type of coffee table for your sofa? It all depends on the type of sofa you own! If you have a normal horizontal sofa, an oval or rectangle coffee table is a good choice. If you have a sectional or L-shaped sofa, we suggest a round or square-shaped coffee table to complement it. Of course, if you have your heart set on a specific coffee table, you can surely make it work without following these criteria!

Shapes of Coffee Tables

Here are some of the most popular coffee table styles:

Coffee Tables with an Oval Shape

When it comes to balancing form and function, oval coffee tables are fantastic. They encourage movement and provide plenty of storage space on top. Because there are no sharp edges here, oval tables are ideal for families with children.

Coffee Tables with a Rectangular Shape

Rectangular coffee tables are more contemporary and provide the maximum surface area.

Coffee Tables in Rounds

A round coffee table can be quite attractive to guests and large families who might like to eat around it while watching a movie on occasion. It’s a party with some floor poufs on the other side!

Coffee Tables in Squares

Square coffee tables give your living room a lovely, symmetrical design. They’re the most practical coffee table shape, and they can sometimes include storage underneath the surface.

Materials for Coffee Tables

Marble, brass, wood, and glass are all popular materials for coffee tables. For each material, below are a few suggestions.

Coffee Tables Made of Marble

Marble coffee tables are among the most sought-after coffee tables on the market. You can’t go on Pinterest or Instagram without coming across one! Marble is a hefty and pricey material for a coffee table. However, for as low as $98 you can acquire a pretty good knock-off (Over 900 people rated it 5 stars).

Coffee Tables in Brass

Vintage appeal can be added to your living area with aged brass coffee tables.

Coffee Tables Made of Wood

Wood coffee tables are ideal for farmhouses and anyone who wants their living area to have a rustic, country atmosphere.

Coffee Tables Made of Glass

Glass coffee tables take a minimalist approach to coffee tables, allowing the sofa to take center stage.

Coffee Tables with Mirrors

Any living room will benefit from mirrored coffee tables.

Ideas for Unique Coffee Tables

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to use a typical coffee table. Many households choose for a coffee table composed of unusual materials or things. Consider a vintage trunk as a coffee table or a bargain from a flea market!

Here are a few other coffee table options:


Some folks prefer not to have a coffee table at all. Others prefer the ottoman, a slightly modified fabric version of the coffee table. Ottomans can be used as a coffee table or as a footrest. A tiny tray can easily be added to make a level surface for when you need it. Many of them even have storage underneath them!

Coffee Tables That Nest

The nesting coffee table is a new interior design trend that I’m seeing more and more of. Nesting coffee tables are made out of two or more independent tables of varied heights and sizes that fit together neatly to form a coffee table cluster. A nesting coffee table is a terrific way to give your living area more depth.

Coffee Tables with a Freeform Shape

Freeform coffee tables are irregularly formed tables that do not fit well into any category. To give you an idea of where they can fit, they may be loosely square or loosely rectangular. Freeform coffee tables are frequently made of live edge teak wood, but you may also find freeform glass coffee tables, such as this one!

A collection of side tables

I’ve seen great living rooms with 2-3 side tables put next to each other (typically of varied heights) to form a casual coffee table, similar to the nesting coffee table.

Think about how you’ll decorate.

Finally, before purchasing a coffee table, think about how you want to adorn the top. Do you wish to put coffee table books on display? Do you want to make a photo album for your family? A tray for the coffee table? Flowers in a vase? Is that a candle? The choices are unlimited, and planning the design ahead of time is always enjoyable! Consider the colors you want to utilize ahead of time to ensure everything looks great!