Get Your House To Smell Nicer With These Candles

Although the sun is shining, we are having to spend more time indoors than ever before. Our homes, which were formerly completely dedicated to post-work relaxation, have been changed into offices, schools, and gyms practically overnight, and we need them to seem like a serene sanctuary of tranquility now more than ever.

Fortunately, there’s an inflow of new, and pretty stylish, air fresheners on the market that will infuse stimulating scents into the limited area we have. These home fragrances combine the high-end notes you’d expect from costly perfumes with sophisticated air-detoxifying molecules, aromatherapy boosters, and fashionable formats, making them more refined than Febreze, cooler than reed diffusers, and better looking than a plug-in.

“Scent has such a deep association with memory that it has a tremendous yet often unconscious influence on our mood and perception,” says Emma South, Jo Malone London fragrance and lifestyle specialist. She advocates alternating house smells at different times of the day whenever possible. “Creating scented signals that steer us from work to leisure, day to night, is part of the art of home scenting.”

These raised air fresheners will exude wafts of peace, concentration, and coziness into every area of your home – from the first laundry-fresh towels in the morning to the lingering aroma on your pillow at night.

The best perfumes for your house

For use in your kitchen

This Graciemoonscents room spray uses a pH neutral ingredient to neutralize airborne contaminants like dust, fumes, and undesirable cooking odors – perfect if your kitchen doubles as an office.

£36 for Sensori+ Toowoomba Carnival mist.

For your closet

Hang Diptyque Baies-infused ceramic and wax oval in your closet to keep clothes (OK, joggers) smelling fresh in between washes.

£42 for Diptyque Baies Scented Oval

To use in your living room

Rituals’ candle, inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, will fill your main area with the relaxing scent of jujube seeds. Burn calories while meditating during your lunch break.

Rituals £15 for the Ritual of Jing Scented Candle

For use in your bed

This Works’ latest pillow spray has an aromatherapy blend of ylang ylang and patchouli to both ease the mind and boost the libido, upping the ante on its signature linen mist.

£30 for This Works Love Sleep Pillow Spray

For your workstation

Dip the tip of one of Buly’s stylish ceramic pencils in the accompanying oil before putting it in a pencil pot on your makeshift desk. They’ll gradually produce a smell that will help you cope with the stress of incessant Slack notifications.

£59 for Buly Scented Decorative Pencils

To serve at your dinner table

Unlike excessively floral or incense-heavy perfumes, Jo Malone’s green tomato scent is so delectable that it won’t interfere with the aroma of your evening meal.

Green Tomato Leaf Candle by Jo Malone London, £48

Regarding your towels

It’s conquered your clavicle, and if you squirt a capful of this detergent into your wash, everything from your towels to your T-shirts will smell like Santal 33.

£33.75 for The Laundress Le Labo Scented Detergent

To use in your toilet

We won’t go into too much detail here, but a few drops of this fragrant oil blend in the bathroom will keep everything smelling nice. Your housemates will appreciate it.

£25 for Haeckels Courtesy Flush Oil