GTA V Played On PC, What You Need To Know

Although it’s been a while, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), is finally available for PC. You can download the game as a 60GB file via Steam or directly from Rockstar Games. Many people will also consider purchasing it on DVDs. Indian retailers will be able to purchase the physical version of the game by April 17. Retailers claim that this is because of logistical delays by Rockstar Games, despite e-xpress Interactive not responding to the question.

We downloaded the digital copy via Steam, and we played the first missions. There are some things you should know before you begin playing. These are the things you should know before you embark on your adventure in Los Santos.

Space is your friend

From the game’s lenient spec sheet, the biggest drawback is its space requirement (post download or install via disc), clocking in at around 65GB, GTA V is a huge game. For the best performance, you might need to free up space on your hard drive. You can adjust the save file size and the game will receive regular updates. No matter how you intend to purchase the game, you will need enough space to store it.

The physical edition doesn’t use Steam

For some, this might be a major deal-breaker. GTA V download now on DVD won’t use Steam. Instead, it will use Rockstar Warehouse. This is similar to Max Payne 3. It also means you lose Steam achievements, but it is still possible to launch a game using another service. It’s bad enough that Steam, Ubisoft Uplay, Electronic Arts Origin and GOG are all available. Now, another service joins the fray.

This may be the price we have to pay in order to stop a large download. Both the digital and physical versions cost the same. The Steam version is $40, which amounts to approximately Rs. 2,493 and Rs. 2,499. You cannot gift the Steam copy to anyone else. This is due to India’s price advantage. Rockstar wants to stop third-party sellers making a profit on the Steam copy instead of end users.

Update your drivers

As with most high-profile releases on PC there are new drivers for your AMD and Nvidia video cards. Both drivers promise different levels of optimisations and features, ranging from 4K support up to multi-frame sampling anti-aliasing. Nvidia’s drivers are here, while AMD’s can be found here. After installing the latest AMD drivers, we noticed a smoother performance and no artifacts. These are unintentional glitches like blurry pixels and black boxes that were minor but still a problem in our first playthrough. These terms might sound like Latin to some, but you will need them to get the most out of your game.

Do not be afraid to wait

If you choose to download the game digitally, you will have to wait for the game to arrive. This is because the game “unpacks” itself and downloads a minor 58MB update. This results in a wait of nearly an hour.

Three characters – plus Chops

You won’t be able to control only one of the GTA 5 characters unless you have been keeping yourself safe from the many GTA 5 previews that circulated over the years. You have Michael, a ex-criminal who is now a successful lawyer, Franklin, an African American with big dreams, and Trevor, a bully and violent criminal. You’ll have the chance to control Franklin’s dog Chops at one point.


GTA is all vehicles, and the new installment does not disappoint. There are many surprises, including standard vehicles that range from old bangers to sports cars. You can ride a bike, pilot a jet ski or steal a quadbike, and do almost everything else you could think of.

Real life: A look at it

GTA 5’s creators have made sure that the game is as real-life as possible. You can send texts, take pictures on your phone, and even watch TV shows. It’s all done in typical GTA humor, so Lifeinvader is the social media company, and internet cafes are called Tw@. The most watched TV show is Fame and Shame, with an oddly English accented judge.

Healthy lifestyle

Three characters have the option to take a break from murders and heists to enjoy a little sport. The new game includes tennis, golf, and triathlons. Funny cut scenes that show your character’s delight at winning every point on the court are included.

Strangers and freaks

The game’s core focus is on missions but there are many other tasks you can take part in. You can meet the “Strangers and Freaks” around Los Santos and help a paparazzo to get his shot. You might be approached by bank robbers who are in dire need of a driver.

What can I expect after I have done all this?

Before we played this game on our PC, we spent the majority of the week on the PS4 playing GTA V. Although the game is stunning on current-gen consoles it did have some flaws like texture pop-in issues and slowdowns in busy scenes. It was, however, a solid upgrade to the original PS3 and Xbox 360 releases.

GTA V on PC is all we expected. Although we didn’t have a high-end gaming system, GTA V ran well on our three-year old computer. It has an AMD Radeon HD 7950 3GB videocard and is powered by an Intel i5 3470 processor. The game runs at 1920×1080 pixels.

GTA V runs flawlessly on our machine. It has an incredible array of graphic options and tweaks and looks stunning. You won’t find a single pixel missing. This game looks great in motion and still. At its busiest, the frame rate dropped to about 40 frames per second. It was at its best around 55 frames per sec. It’s not bad, considering that it’s only a little higher than the Rockstar Games recommended requirements. This measurement was done using FRAPS and the most recent drivers from AMD.

Los Santos’ energy is so intense that it makes real life streets seem boring compared to Los Santos’. Every element, from water effects to character models, tries to disguise the fact that this game is a videogame. Every element works together to create a feeling of immersion unlike any other. Rockstar was always a meticulous person and this is even more evident in GTA V for PC.

There is little to no room for debate in the default graphics options of the game, which provide the best combination of image quality and performance. It’s even more impressive with the option to enhance visual fidelity, if desired. We discovered that everything could be customized, from shadow distances to surface reflections.

The extensive selection of options is welcome in an age when developers tend to reduce PC ports. It is a significant improvement on its predecessor. GTA IV had poor optimization and used a mix of DRMs. These DRMs included Steam, SecuROM and Rockstar Games Social Club. It was difficult to play on a PC because of all this.